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Megakompleks Moscovskiy

Aquapark is a complex of water entertainments including pools, hills, attractions. Its area is 6 700 sq.m. It doesn’t yield to the best world standards of water entertaining centers in Finland and Netherlands in his qualities. This aquapark is the member of the World Waterpark Association. It is an exotic island of pleasure, where summer is all the year round (water of 280С, air of 320С), where it is possible to get away from reality and get back to careless childhood full of games, gladness and fantasy.

There are 9 pools, 11 water-hills and more 30 attractions for children and grown-ups in the hall of the aquapark.

The height of starting ground of hills is 12 m, general length of hills is more than 500 m. The area of water surface is about 2000 m2.

For visitors services there are:

  • Parking;
  • Bars (including water bar);
  • Cloak-room;
  • Individual boxes for storage of clothes;
  • Medical cabinet;
  • Shop of souvenirs;
  • Huge shopping center with cinema
    Rescuing service and guard service will provide proper safety.

Express-cafe is located under one roof with Aquapark and Bouling-center with an area more than 800 sq.m. It can simultaneously accept about 200 people. It is a comfortable place for the reception of the organized groups with a complex feeding, organization of child's holidays, days of births, morning performances with buffet table, snacks, cocktails, hot meals, disco, entertaining program and photography. We promise you impressions and unforgettable rest on our exotic island of pleasure.

Bowling center

Bowling-center is the largest in Povolzhe. 33 paths of a firm «Brunswick». There is an illuminating «Cosmic» in evening time. There are paths for children with skirtings. Bowling-center is an ideal place for conducting children's games, sporting competitions (lessons of physical education), different tournaments and programs. Experienced instructors will help you to master this game. Modern infrastructure, high level of service and competence of personnel will do your rest in bowling-centre unforgettable.

Billiard center

83 billiard tables (56 tables for the Russian billiards and 27 tables for the American pool) are located on the area of more than 2 000 sq.m.
It is the largest billiard club in Europe and the largest area of the Russian billiards in the world. The whole playing space of the club is divided into three areas: area of the Russian billiards, area of the American pool and VIP-zone.

VIP-zone is located on a rise. It is equipped with 10-twelvefeet tables of the Russian billiards and its own bar.

Wellness center

WELLNESS CENTER is a complex of rest and beauty that has taken unique possibilities of well-known spa-resorts of the world. There is a large swimming-pool with cool water, comfortable deck-chairs and comfortable cafe are waiting for you in the general area of the relaxing complex. Paths of Kneyp with contrasting hot and cold water will provide you an ideal massage of feet. There are 3 Jacuzzi with hydro massage, aroma sauna, saline room, shower of impressions, Finnish sauna: t0 100-1100, humidity 40-45%, icy font with cold water t0 +70
Massage cabinet: highly qualified specialists will make you a massage for your choice: from medical-sanitary to Spanish one.
There are VIP-rooms designed in Turkish, Eastern, Asian and modern styles.

Tennis courts

12 courts which differ with types of coverage are located under two special domes. Hard coverage is professional and very popularly in the USA. Coverage Play-it is more comfortable. It abates loading on knees and spine, it is suitable for players of any age and level. New courts correspond all standards and are suitable both for trainings and for conducting of professional and amateur tournaments. Besides it is possible to play with a comfort all the year round.

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