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Child’s Entertaining Center “Crazy Park”

Child's entertaining center is located in the center of modern Samara on the crossing of central streets of the city: Michurina and the Moscow highway. In child’s entertaining center are included: the largest covered center of entertainments with plenty of attractions and playing automats, restaurant and stage ground for games and competitions.

"Crazy Park" has already been working in Samara for more than 2 years and is considered for the parents with children from 1,5 to 15 years. Various attractions, prize automats, are incorporated, 3D cinema, restaurant etc are located on the single ground of the Center.

The complex of attractions is divided on entertaining areas taking into consideration age and interests. Every attraction has the original name:

"Karapuziya", "Karusel'e" it is a territory of the smallest. 
"Zaplutaun" is for bigger children. 
"Turns", "Cinemashock", "Teleport" and others are for children and adults. 
"Country of machines" is equipped with prize automats with an possibility of winning souvenirs and prize tickets. The winners of games are expected by pleasant surprises.
There works: a stage ground for games, competitions, morning performances and evening-parties, there is also a special hall of Triumphs "Yubileyka" where it is possible to celebrate Birthday party and arrange entertaining programs for groups of visitors, and animators will make a holiday bright and unforgettable.

Cold and hot drinks, salads, pastry and other dishes of menu wait for guests in the comfortable cafe of entertaining center. Main dish of the center is various pizza for any choice and taste.

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